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Adopt a dog from Wayside Waifs!

1 year 6 months old


Independent, athletic, and tons of fun, with the softest fur you've ever touched. I'm a happy, one and a half year old, housetrained and crate trained, Basenji mix, in the market for a new home of my very own. I'm such a beautiful girl, both inside and out. At 40 pounds, I'm a nice medium size. Looking for a running or hiking partner? Or maybe just someone to go out walking with each day? I'm your girl! I'm energetic and active and I'm game for plenty of fun times with you.

I'll bet you're wondering about my past. I have quite a story. I spent some time at another shelter, where they enrolled me in the "Puppies for Parole" program. I was taught basic obedience, such as "sit", "down", and "shake". And they housetrained me and crate trained me there too. It was a sweet setup and my prison partner helped me so much to be a good family dog. He told me I helped him learn about unconditional love and loyalty, so I guess it was a great deal for both of us!

Soon I found myself graduating from the program and on to better things. By that I mean a new home! A family with 3 young kids adopted me and loved me for 9 months. While I loved my family,  they left me outside by myself for long periods of time and I would get bored. So I would jump the fence, run to the front porch and wait for them to let me back in. I wanted to be with my pack in the worst way and was lonely all by myself! And when my mom got pregnant with her 4th child, I ended up back at the shelter. It was just too much for her to deal with.

Back at the shelter, they enrolled me in their pet therapy program. Now, I'm not the most outgoing of dogs and I don't crave the attention of people like some dogs do, but I'm happy to report that I did just fine in this program! So you can see, I've kept busy during the time since I first became homeless. Unfortunately, the shelter that had given me so many great opportunities, ran out of space. So my next stop was here at Wayside. 

I'm a really interesting breed. We Basenji's don't bark, we are eager to please, we're super smart, and did I mention soft? Oh my, you must come and see my beautiful coat for yourself to fully appreciate it!

In my new home, I'd love to be part of the action! I want to live and experience life with you. But I won't constantly bother you for attention, not at all. I'm your partner, but I'm not needy. I'd love a daily walk or run or hike. I need a home without cats or other small furry animals. My breed sees these guys as prey, so we don't do well with them.

When you come to meet me, please remember that it takes me just a while to warm up to you. You might not see immediate fireworks with me, like you do with some other dogs. But once we do connect, it will be forever, I promise. Love, Miss Bella

Adoption fee: $125

Little Bit
6 years old

Domestic Longhair/mix

Hey there! I'm called Little Bit which is kind of a joke, because I'm actually a pretty large cat. I have a pretty good size voice too and can meow at you when I'd like some attention. Not one of those non-stop whiny meow's, but one of those "hey, I'm over here and willing, if you could please come and pet me, thank you." I'm actually a very gentle girl and don't like rough play or dogs. I tolerated the one we had at our last house, but would be happier without one. Know what I mean?

I do love other cats, though, and I'll bet you do too or you wouldn't be reading about available cats here. Am I right? See, I'm smart too. I lived with my sister Beth who's all black and she's available for adoption too. She's a bit bossy but we got along pretty well, and slept together, played together, took our meals together and shared litter boxes.

You may wonder why we're here if we're such good girls. Well, our owners had us for a while, then a family member developed allergies and asthma and we had to go. Too bad, they were nice people. The kids were all 10 and older and we got along well with them and liked playing with them. Young kids are a different story, because we like gentle play and young kids were too rambunctious for us.

Our owner described us as talkative, independent, playful, affectionate, and friendly to family. Sometimes we were lazy couch potatoes and just wanted to cuddle too. Sounds perfect, huh? If you agree, come see us. We'd love to meet you.

Little Bit

Adoption fee: $50

4 years 6 months old

Rottweiler / mix

Hi, I'm Roxy. I'm a four year old Rottweiler mix looking for a loving home of my own. I came into Wayside after being transferred from Chain of Hope or COH for short. COH is an awesome organization dedicated to helping dogs living life on a chain. But it doesn't stop there. They do much, much more, and they don't limit their help to just dogs on chains. Any dog in need, they'll help. But sadly, my story does include a chain. Happily I'm now off it, and I don't intend to ever find myself on one again.

I'm super sweet, and I'm petite for how you'd imagine a Rottie mix. When you meet me through my kennel door, my whole body wiggles with excitement. My ideal family would have patience with me while I settle into living in a home. Since I lived on a chain, I don't know much about being a spoiled, indoor dog, but from what I hear, it sounds awesome! And frankly, I can't wait. So get down here soon. Okay? Great, I'll be thinking of you while I wait!

Adoption fee: $125



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