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Suzy Lou

2 years old

Australian Shepherd

Hi! I'm Dooley, a two year old purebred Australian Shepherd searching for a new home. I need out of here! Do you think maybe you could help me? Or if you can't, do you know someone else who is looking for a handsome, sweet, gentle dog such as myself? Oh, I hope so.

I came to Wayside as a stray. A beautiful, friendly, lover of people stray. And no one came for me. So I'm trying to make the best impression possible with all the Wayside staff and volunteers. So far, so good. I walk fabulously on my leash, so I get out for plenty of breaks during the day. I love to stroll around the Wayside campus checking everything out. And then I also love to hang out and cuddle in the volunteer room. I lean into you, just to show you how much I care.

I'm super smart. Well, partly that comes from my breed, but it's also just who I am. I know "sit" and "wait" already and I'd love to learn whatever you care to teach me. I look to you for guidance and am so eager to please you! I'm a wonderful combination of fun and active, yet laidback and gentle. I'm super soft with beautiful brown eyes. And at just over 40 pounds, I am a really nice medium size.

I love everyone I meet! All sorts of people are super great in my book! If you have another dog, though, especially a male, please bring them in to meet me before we all go home together. I don't always care for other male dogs.

I'm social and friendly and fun! I'm handsome, loving, and sweet. And did I tell you I need out of here? Just wanted to make sure you were listening. Please come for me soon! I'm a such a good boy and I'm waiting just for you.

Love, Dooley

Adoption fee: $125

3 years 7 months old

Domestic Longhair/mix

Hi, I'm Libby short for liberated and independent. I'm definitely a girl with a mind of my own. I know what I like so it's best if I share it with you right away. I believe in being forthright and you're busy people and have a lot to do, so if we're not right for each other, you keep reading about some other fabulous cats here at Wayside and I'll get back to playtime and napping.

I am not at all cool with dogs and wasn't good with the baby in the last house I lived in. I got a little jealous of all the attention she got that used to be mine. I hope you can give me the time and attention I need. In return, I promise to give you all my love and affection and there's a ton of it! I am a super sweet kitty, shy and playful and gentle actually. I lived with another cat and we got along great. We slept together, groomed each other, and played well together.

I am also afraid of strangers at first, but as with many things in life, for both humans and cats, just don't like change. Do you? Eventually after a bit of watching and observing, I usually decide to give the person a try and let them pet me a little, though picking me up right away is going too far. I'm also afraid of vacuum cleaners because they're noisy and I think they'll suck my tail right off. I have a gorgeous tail, you see. Can't be too careful!

Other than that, I eat dry food and plain tap water, use my litter box religiously and in general, would make a great roommate for almost anyone. There, that's all I have to say so hope I didn't waste too much of your time. Good luck in picking out the best cat for you. Luckily, you came to Wayside to shop for one, so kudos on a great decision where to shop! While you're here, be sure to check out Whiskers and Wags Outfitters for some great gear for your kitty.

Love ya, hate to leave ya but ....

Adoption fee: $50

Suzy Lou
4 years old


Woof (Hello)! My name is Suzy Lou and I am a lovely Havanese Pure bred. If you check out my photo's, you'll see that I've had a haircut recently and I sure do appreciate it, because when I first arrived at Wayside Waifs my hair was so horribly dirty and matted that I could hardly walk. So the long haired dog and the short haired dog in these photos are actually pictures of the same dog, it's all me. Woof (wow), sometimes a simple haircut goes a long way! Thank you Wayside Waifs for the new doggy do!

The only downside to my new doggy do is that my gorgeous Havanese coat is temporarily gone (but hey, getting rid of all those yucky mats was well worth the haircut). No problem, just wait and see how beautiful my new coat will be once it grows back, us Havanese dogs are very good looking (if I do say so myself). So, first thing you should know about me is that I am the type of dog that needs routine grooming. Woof (BRUSHING the dog = a HAPPY dog)!

As far as my behavior goes: I am bit shy when I first meet you, but only because I am trying to figure out how best to crawl into your lap and cuddle! Don't be fooled, because technically I am a "dog," but really I'm just a good old fashioned "snuggle bunny." So if you like hugs, then you'll adore me.

So come visit me at Wayside Waifs and check out my new do!

Adoption fee: $275



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